Lily Florence

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I've conquered

47km so far

My goal is to

conquer 40km

Support my challenge to help Australian kids in need

I am taking part in The Dream Run to help Australian kids in need achieve their dreams.

1 in 6 Australian children are living in poverty and don’t have equal access to an education. Together, we need to support these kids so they can dream BIG and create a better future for themselves.

So I am running to raise funds for The Smith Family to help children in need make the most out of their education. 

Please DONATE NOW and support my challenge to change the lives of Australian children living in poverty.

Thank you.

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Nina Weaver

Love you sweetheart. Always so proud of your heart ♥️


Pamela Douglas

Hi Lily, I’m always keen to support you as you support a good cause like this! I hope all is going well for you. Love, Pam xxx


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Natalie Brandish


Renae Grant


Kennards Hire Foundation Matched



your amazing lil, this so inspiring!! you’ve got this xx