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I’ve been inspired by my dear friend Clair who ran her first marathon in May, what a fabulous role model for her kids.

It’s made me think just how lucky we are, and how lucky our kids are. It makes my heart ache to know that there are so many kids missing out on the most basic support they need to reach their potential and go on to live rewarding and fulfilling lives.

Aside from setting a goal to run a half marathon in August, this is why I’ve decided to take part in The Dream Run to help Australian kids in need achieve their dreams. 

1 in 6 Australian children are living in poverty and don’t have equal access to an education. Together, we need to support these kids so they can dream BIG and create a better future for themselves.

So I am running 100km during June to raise funds for The Smith Family to help children in need make the most out of their education. 

Please DONATE NOW and support my challenge to change the lives of Australian children living in poverty.

Thank you so much! 


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20 km down

Thursday 10th Jun
After a slow start due to a pesky cold marking the start of Winter, I logged my first 6 kms on June 5. I've now got a total of 20km under my belt. 

80 km to go in 3 weeks but determined to get there!

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Hilary Coleman

I'm sure a few ChemFizz tunes are helping you on your way! Goodspeed Corri xx


Ruth Hundertmark

You are amazing Corri, what an achievement. Well done, keep running.


Aunt Alice

Get it sista


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Kate Naumann Smith



Go Girl! You are a Shining Star!


Kristina Bowman


Phoebe Thomas

You got this xx!!


Joanne Meyer

Good on you Corri! Oxo


Zoe O

Go hard Corri - you've got this!


Michael Smith

Great work!


Kennards Hire Foundation Matched




Martin Reid


Dianne Howes

Good luck 😉


Rosemary Young



Great cause Corri! Keep it up! 💕


Meghan Zadow